Current Portfolio Companies

Elysian Carbon Management

Elysian Carbon Management provides integrated end-to-end carbon capture and storage (“CCS”) solutions to owners of industrial and power facilities seeking to transition to low-carbon products and address environmental, social and governance goals.

The Elysian team creates value by developing, building and owning carbon capture assets across an array of carbon emission sources, as well as CO2 pipeline and CO2 storage assets in basins across North America.

Elysian’s services include the capture of carbon dioxide from diverse flue streams, compression, transportation, permanent geologic storage and all of the permitting and financial structuring work necessary to accomplish these services, including securing Class VI injection permits and qualifying sites under the EPA’s monitoring, reporting and verification protocols.

Elysian is led by a group of energy professionals with decades of experience in the design, development and financing of major energy projects and nearly 50 years of collective experience focused specifically on CCS. Elysian’s principals have experience developing capture facilities for hard-to-abate sectors and developing and operating compression equipment, pipelines and storage sites.

Few independent teams in the sector have a comparable depth and breadth of technical, financial and operational experience in the carbon capture sector.