Energy Transfer and Centurion Pipeline to Provide Joint Tariff Crude Oil Service From Platteville and Cushing to Nederland

Centurion Pipeline, L.P.

DALLAS & HOUSTON – April 1, 2021 – Energy Transfer LP (NYSE: ET) and Centurion Pipeline L.P. ("Centurion") announced today that they will post a joint tariff for crude oil transportation service from ET’s terminals in Platteville, Colorado and Cushing, Oklahoma to ET’s Nederland, Texas terminal. 

The joint tariff service utilizes existing ET and Centurion pipeline assets that will be linked together via new connections in Oklahoma.  The joint tariff service is expected to commence service by June 1, 2021. The joint tariff service may also be expanded to include an origin point of Guernsey, Wyoming.  For parties interested in becoming a committed shipper, please contact Misbah Tukdi at or Scott Hutson at

About Energy Transfer LP 
Energy Transfer LP (NYSE: ET) owns and operates one of the largest and most diversified portfolios of energy assets in the United States, with a strategic footprint in all of the major domestic production basins. ET is a publicly traded limited partnership with core operations that include complementary natural gas midstream, intrastate and interstate transportation and storage assets; crude oil, natural gas liquids (NGL) and refined product transportation and terminalling assets; NGL fractionation; and various acquisition and marketing assets. ET, through its ownership of Energy Transfer Operating, L.P., also owns Lake Charles LNG Company, as well as the general partner interests, the incentive distribution rights and 28.5 million common units of Sunoco LP (NYSE: SUN), and the general partner interests and 46.1 million common units of USA Compression Partners, LP (NYSE: USAC). 

About Centurion Pipeline L.P. 
Centurion Pipeline L.P. is a crude oil pipeline operator that owns and operates approximately 3,000 miles of pipeline extending from southeast New Mexico across the Permian Basin of West Texas to delivery points at Midland, Texas, Cushing, Oklahoma, and Crane, Texas. With a significant crude oil storage facility in Midland, TX that has the capability to store approximately two million barrels of multiple qualities of crude oil, the company is well positioned to accommodate customer demand and provide connectivity to every long-haul pipeline from the Permian to the Texas Gulf Coast. Centurion is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lotus Midstream, LLC.

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